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About Endless Pawsibilities...


Our Mission:

Unlike many other community pet supply stores, Endless Pawsibilities (E.P.) stands out for a bunch of reasons! 

First & foremost: Endless Pawsibilities is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of local pets and animals, and, to make an impact on the lives of those who care for them! In fact, our founder and owner Angeline is currently attending school - learning about all things, animal. She's currently majoring in Animal Science (with a minor in Agribusiness) as well as conducting veterinary assistance through CDI College.

But enough about her specifically: why should you shop at E.P. instead of larger, more established pet stores? Let us tell you...

E.P. is highly dedicated to improving the quality of life of animals, of all kinds: we accomplish this aim through our partnerships with a rotating cast of local animal shelters and care organizations. E.P. plans, hosts and conducts unique events with our partnered shelter or care organization every month. (These events have included, but are not limited to: bake sales, garage sales, BBQ’s, informative seminars, socials, trade shows and more!) 100% of funds raised from these events are donated to our partnered animal rescue! In addition, E.P. also conducts month-long online Scentsy, Mary Kay & Pampered Chef parties in support of our featured organization or shelter; and all commissions from these sales are also donated. We also feature a Non-Profit section in our physical store location, selling all of these items, and a host of unique, locally-sourced craft items (animal sweaters, tote bags, greeting cards, etc.) with all proceeds going toward our partners.

E.P. is committed to doing our part to stay green and friendly to the environment: that’s why customers are encouraged to return their empty (and rinsed-out) aluminum pet food cans back to our store, in return for store credit (at 3 cents - 5oz cans, 2 cents - 2oz cans, 1 cent per 1oz can.) We then return all cans directly to a local recycling depot.

Can I buy my regular pet food at E.P.?

Yes! E.P. stocks many of the same products that pet owners have come to know and love, from their regular pet supply retailer. We are even working towards setting-up a 'Subscribe & Save' plan to give our customers the option to order pet food on a fixed schedule with discounts on the food they purchase. Endless Pawsibilities are open for e-commerce, allowing customers the option to order online (with FREE delivery to their door!) But did you know that even with our competitive pricing - we still donate a dollar from *every* transaction to our partnered rescue? Each transaction conducted here helps us on our mission to help care for these pets...

So: come on down to Endless Pawsibilities today, support a local independently owned store, passionate about giving back! You may even catch a great deal if you qualify for our promotions, such as 'Seniors Day', 'Registered Breeder/Rescue Day', and 'Military/First Responders Day'. Students will also receive an ongoing 5% discount off regular priced merchandise with student ID.

The Pawsibilities are Endless!

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