Kurgo - Reflect and Protect - Quantum Leash - Grass Green

Kurgo - Reflect and Protect - Quantum Leash - Grass Green

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Hands-Free Dog Leash


The Quantum LeashTM is an award-winning, versatile dog lead that converts into 6 different styles. With a simple carabiner adjustment, this leash easily switches styles depending on your activity. Fully extended, the Quantum Leash goes from a 6’ lead to a 3’ lead, to a hands-free dog leash that goes around the waist or over the shoulder courier style. With a quick change, it can become a double dog walker. A floating padded handle provides you with the utmost comfort and support in every configuration. 


Basic configurations:

  • 6’ leash
  • 3’ training leash
  • Hands-free over the shoulder courier style (great for hiking)
  • Hands-free around the waist (great for running or hiking)
  • Double dog walker
  • Easy tether
  • Coordinates with the active harnesses and the Wander Dog Collar